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Is there an age limit?

Just about everyone can jump! We will have age appropriate sessions for all jumpers. Our open jump sessions are for all jumpers 2 years old and over, but our Rascals is for ages walking to 6.

How long do the sessions last?

Our standard sessions last 1 hour, but you can book longer sessions at a discounted rate if you wish.

Do I need to book in advance?

We strongly recommend booking online, especially during our busy periods such as weekends and holidays. It's the only way to guarantee your place.


When should I arrive?

We recommend arriving 30 minutes before your scheduled jump time. This gives you enough time to check-in and get your rebound socks. If you arrive too late for your session, we will try and move you to a later session, but this is subject to availability and we cannot guarantee we will have spaces. 


What should I wear?

As long as you are wearing our Rebound socks, anything you feel comfortable enough to jump in, but please bear in mind that jumping usually builds up a sweat. We recommend long to cover legs and arms, However, no belt buckles, clothing studs, key chains or sharp objects are permitted on the Inflatables. Jewellery must be removed or taped up.

What if I wear glasses?

If you need to wear glasses to jump, please make sure they are secured using sports straps or wear safety goggles.

Is food available?

We have our own Relax café for refuelling with hot and cold drinks, snacks and sandwiches.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes. Everyone who jumps is required to sign a waiver. Those under 18 must have their parent or legal guardian sign the waiver.  Once your waiver has been completed, it lasts for 12 months so you won’t need to sign one every time you come.

Does everyone in my party need to sign the waiver?

Yes, all participants must have a completed and signed waiver. If under 18 years of age, this must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian. Family members ages under 18 may be included on the same waiver. Jumpers will not be allowed on the inflatables without a waiver. You may miss the start of your session if these are not completed beforehand. 

How many guests can I bring for my party?

Parties usually require a minimum of 10 guests and we have a maximum of 24 seated guests in our party rooms. However, if you party is for less than 10 people please call us on 01530 567045.

Where can I put my things whilst I bounce?

We have lockers you can use during your visit. These are available for £1.50

Do you have Wifi?

Yes, wifi will be free throughout the park.

Do you have parking?

We have over 100 free car park spaces around the facility.

Do you have wheelchair access?

There is wheelchair access to the building, café and toilets. Access to the 


Adverse Weather Conditions

  • General Bookings
    Every effort is made to open up the park fully stocked and staffed.  Should you be unable to attend a pre-booked session due to adverse weather conditions, we will be happy to offer an alternative session to suit (day/time subject to availability). 

    Should the park be unable to open due to adverse weather, we will issue a website notification and endeavour to contact our pre-booked customers to advise them of closure. Again, you will be offered an alternative session to suit (day/time subject to availability).


  • Parties
    In the very rare case that we must close due to SEVERE weather conditions; it is our policy to charge you for the party you have scheduled, but provide you with a 30-day window to rebook your party (day/time subject to availability).

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