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Party Guests

If you have an upcoming party at Rebound, it will save a lot of time by making sure waivers for all party guests are completed beforehand.

The best way to do this is to forward the Rebound Safety Waiver email you received on booking your party to all parents and ask them to sign for their child. If they already have a waiver, it is often simpler to sign a new one using this link.

If you cannot email parents, they can sign a waiver using the 'Waiver' option in our web menu. 

It will also help us greatly if you let us know who is attending the party. This way we can check waivers are complete before you arrive and save you time on the day.

Please complete the form below or send a list of guests to In order to make sure we are adding the correct person, please also include the guests date of birth or parent's name.

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