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We are looking for motivated people to work at Rebound. Job specifications and candidate criteria that we are looking for are shown below.

Please note that all vacancies are for Zero-Hour Contracts with no guaranteed hours.  Shifts depend on customer demand and can be subject to seasonal highs and lows.

Candidates should have good availability for evenings, weekends and school holidays.


For further information, please call us on 01530 567045 or email

All positions are currently filled. 

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Party Host

Party hosts are responsible for the smooth running of the Rebound Children’s parties.  Each party is allocated a host from the moment they arrive in the building. The host is required to take the children through the two hour party process, whilst being entertaining, well-organised and responsible. The host should be a good communicator with both children and adults and be able to plan ahead and problem-solve. Much enthusiasm and a love of working with children of all ages is required for this role. Full training will be provided.

Candidates who match the following criteria will be selected for interview:


  • Experience of working with small groups of children

  • Be able to speak loudly or shout out with confidence in front of many

  • Be a confident leader

  • Good time management

  • Be able to follow and remember a sequence of instructions

  • Confidence in introducing yourself and speaking with adults

  • Punctual and well presented

  • Have a good imagination for games and role play

  • Have an eye for small detail

  • Be clean, neat and tidy when working

  • Work as part of a team and individually

  • Be able to use your initiative

  • Be a good problem solver

  • Be able to work in other areas of the business if necessary.


  • 1 year experience in working with groups of small children

  • Waiter/waitress experience

  • An interest in sport

  • Previous Sports leadership experience

  • Previous coaching or referee experience

  • Experience in a public facing role

  • Performing Arts experience such as drama club or amateur dramatics

  • Previous Scouts or Guides volunteering

Front of House

Front of House Operatives are the first people to greet our customers when they arrive at Rebound.  They are excellent communicators, with a variety of different jobs such as checking in customers, checking safety waivers, guiding customers through a waiver process, issuing socks and wrist bands, taking bookings, handling cash, bank cards and vouchers.  They are also responsible for taking all phone calls into the building as the first port of call.  Front of House can be very busy and high pressured during peak times and experience a lull after check-in, when operatives are expected to maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of the soft play area and its café tables.  Front of house Operatives need to be friendly, confident, enthusiastic and be good problem-solvers.


  • Experience of working with Members of the public

  • At least  1 year experience on FOH / Reception

  • Be able to deal with customer complaints and issues

  • Be able to follow instructions from other members of staff

  • Polite and be able to deliver a good customer service

  • Working as part of a team and individually

  • Use the tannoy to announce when sessions have finished and
    when safety briefs are about to start

  • To help out with safety brief in quiet times

  • Be able to use your own initiative

  • Taking bookings over the phone and taking payments

  • Cashing the till up at end of shift

  • Punctual and well presented

  • Listen to customers, understand them and provide the right advice, guidance or answers as appropriate.

  • Have the patience to deal with customers in a professional manner.

  • To ensure visitors booking in and out system is maintained and adhered to at all times.

  • To ensure that the reception area is maintained to a high standard and is presentable at all times.

  • To ensure all visitors have completed a waiver

  • Must be able to communicate well

  • Be able to work in all other areas of the park when required



  • Experience of being around young children and large groups

  • First Aid experience


Our café is a vibrant and busy environment and can be unpredictable in terms of customer levels.  The café is very popular and maintains a high level of service that is appreciated and valued by its customers.  All of our food is made fresh to order.  Each member of staff has allocated tasks on a daily basis to ensure that all areas are covered and service runs smoothly.  The till and Barista machines are very modern and easy to use with training, but keeping cool under pressure is essential for all members of the team. Our customers are mainly families with young children so we like to help them out with any needs they may have during their visit to ensure that they are able to relax.  The café does experience quiet times in between jump sessions and during these times café staff are expected to make the café and the kitchen presentable for the next batch of guests.  Café staff must be enthusiastic, hard-working and sensible.   Training provided.



  • At least 2 years experience of working in a café / Restaurant

  • Enthusiasm for cooking and creating dishes is preferable

  • Experience in cooking, at fast pace with several orders at once

  • The passion for working in a café

  • Attention to detail in presentation of food.

  • Preparing hot beverages using barista coffee machine,

  • General Cleaning and pot washing,

  • Punctual & well presented

  • Work as part of a team and individually

  • Be able to use your own initiative

  • Have a good understanding of the importance of safety in the kitchen

  • Remain professional when dealing with complaints 

  • Be able to follow instructions

  • Serving customers on the till,

  • Having a good rapport with colleagues and customers

  • Food Hygiene Certificate

  • Be willing to work in other areas of the park if required



  • First Aid Experience

  • Experience in buffet catering

  • Experience in working with and managing young people 

Court Monitor

Court monitors have an extremely important job to do.  They are responsible for watching over the safety of Rebound customers.  Safety begins, the moment a customer checks in, whereby our Court Monitors will check them or appropriate attire and ask them to remove jewellery and tie back long hair.  The Court Monitor then delivers a safety briefing to customer numbers of between 1 to 100 people.  Throughout the customer’s session, the Court Monitor will continue to monitor their safety, approaching customers who break the rules and endanger themselves or others.  The Court Monitor’s job is much like that of a life guard in a swimming pool.  There will be standing for long periods and staff must be able to maintain concentration and vigilance.  Being a strong and confident communicator whilst also remaining friendly and cheerful is essential for this role.  Toilet checking and spot cleaning is also required.  Enthusiastic interaction with the public enhances the customer experience and is positively encouraged.  There will be times when the Court Monitor is required to respond to emergency incidents.  Full Training provided.



  • 1 year experience in working with the public

  • Be able to speak loudly with confidence in front large groups of children & adults

  • Be able to follow  instructions

  • Confidence in enforcing court rules & regulations at all times

  • Punctual &  well presented

  • Have a good understanding of the importance of safety

  • Work as part of a team & individually

  • Be able to use your own initiative

  • Willing to work in other areas of the park if needed

  • Be a good problem solver

  • Must be able to communicate well within a team

  • Willingness to learn

  • Have a good concentration span & able to remain focused

  • Be friendly, personable & courteous

  • Remain professional when dealing with any incidents within the park.

  • Be willing to work in other areas of the park



  • Experience of being around young children

  • Previous Sports leadership experience

  • Previous sports Coaching experience

  • Previous Scouts or Guides volunteering

  • Any form of first aid experience

If you wish to apply for a job at Rebound, please complete the application form below. Please also attach your CV when you send it in.

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